We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer. The renovation of each car is documented and described on our website.

No job is too small or too big!



We are in close contact with the best aftermarket parts producers and resellers



Being in the business for 30 years makes us an expert in this field



Communication and understanding constitute our business core



Our team at Classic Auto Expert specialises in the acquisition and restoration of classic cars.

We focus on the most attractive models of old-timers but at the same time we keep an eye on some great young-timers as well. Classic cars are not only our passion, it is simply our whole life.

Our extensive mechanical knowledge and classic car market acquaintance allows us to offer only the best cars that are in excellent technical and visual condition. Before the purchase commitment each car is undergoing a detailed technical and formal inspection.
All the vehicles come with a documented history, are accident-free and have a confirmed original mileage.
We make sure that the descriptions are accurate and truthful. We try to meet the highest expectations of our customers, which is why the vehicles sold by us are not some random bargains with a questionable history and unconfirmed mileage, but only highest quality items that can be appreciated by the most demanding customers.

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Our Vehicles

We are the proud owners of all the vehicles we are selling.

Before making a purchase it is completely fine to examine the car in any way possible.

The sold vehicles are roadworthy and prepared for the registration process in Poland or EU.
We pay all the exportation and tax fee. We do not lower the purchase price nor do we import vehicles in the form of a roadside assistance or as a special vehicle to avoid excise.
All payments are made in a proper, legal and fair manner meaning that the customer can be 100% sure that the purchased vehicles will not be subject to an investigation by the Tax Office.



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